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A Triumph of the Spirit Book - $10.00
Historical Fiction written by Shirley E. Oglesby Smith Johnson depicting the life of Harriet Tubman from early childhood to young womanhood.   Harriet Tubman is made to feel every emotion that any person feels whether enslaved or free.

A Triumph of theSpirit Audio-Book - $15.00
Read by author: Shirley E. Oglesby Smith Johnson  Children can read along while listening.

A Triumph of the Spirit CD/Book Set - $20.00

A Triumph of the Spirit DVD now available:

Please call: 816.885.6840 to order  

A Triumph...  Coloring Book - coming soon 
Perforated Pages  (Illustrated by Charlene Oglesby White and   Kenneth Johnson, MD)

A Triumph of the Spirit Book/Audio CD/DVD Set (coming soon)