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2013  Reviews

Thank you so very much for the invite. I hope the pictures of the play I mailed to you last year were used. I "LOVE" the play and have constantly praised it and held  it up to one of the best plays I have ever seen. I constantly talk about this play. May God continue to bless you as you continue to get better and better and spread the play.  I look forward to seeing you on tv.
Bettye Maddox 

Audience Remarks

Curtis School (Los Angeles) Sandy Kiratsoulis' 2nd Grade Class

Sandy Kiratsoulis and Shirley Johnson - "They loved your visit."

Beautiful Unedited Testimonials
From the mouths of  2nd Graders

I liked how Harriet was brave and strong enough to live her life as a slave but at the last minute she found freedom.  She was very determined.


I enjoyed going on stage and doing the dances, I also liked holding the stick (broom) for her and then she jumped over it.


I enjoyed Harriet letting the musk rats free from their traps.


I enjoyed of how Harriet was so brave and such a good person.


I enjoyed how every detail about Harriet Tubman was told. 


I enjoyed the part where Hariot tubman had to go get the muscrats.


I enjoyed the person was my friends grandma I enjoyed  It was about Harriet Tubman.


Is that because she lead all the people to the under ground rayel roud. 


I loved that it taught me stuff.


I enjoyed  the story because she told a lot about it and really explained the story.


I was so interested in the story, that I wanted to hear more when it was over.


I liked how you did it by your self and how you asked for us to come up.


I enjoyed learning more about Harriet Tubman.


I enjoyed how you telled the whole entire story of Harriet Tubman.


I enjoyed that she had a whole scene and it was Kanoas grandmah. 


 I ingoid that you singed so good and so everyone good hear it. 



State Capitol
201 West Capitol Ave; Jefferson City Missouri

"Thank you for honoring us with your wonderful gifts."

Representative Craig Bland

"Our hearts and souls were blessed."

Debbie Belcher, Secretary to the Representatives and Senators

"Thank you so much for your presentation, although I could not be there to see it myself, I was told by numerous people that we should definitely see it again."              

Robin Wright Jones, Chairman

"The story told of Harriet Tubman was truly "exceptional."

(Photographer) (see photo gallery)

"We truly enjoyed every second.  It kept us on the edge of our seats. Where are you performing next?  We will be there."

Parents and children who attended from Jefferson City.

Kansas State (K State)
"One of the most soothing, dramatic presentations ever seen at K State University."
K State Graduate  


Missouri Legislative Black Caucus

Officers: Rep. Robin Wright-Jones Chairman Sen. Yvonne Wilson, Vice Chairman; Sen. Rita Heard Days, Treasurer; Rep. Martin Rucker, Interim Secretary

October 13, 2008

Members: Sen. Maida Coleman; Sen. Rita Heard Days ; Sen. Yvonne Wilson; Rep. Craig Bland;  Rep. Shalonn Curls;Rep. Esther Haywood; Rep. Martin Rucker; Rep. Juanita Walton; Rep. Robin Wright Jones

October 13, 2009

Mrs. Shirley E. Johnson
8739 Tennessee Ave
Kansas City, MO  64138

Mrs. Johnson:

Regretfully, I personally was not able to attend the performance of "A Triumph of the Spirit" in our State Capitol on February 19, 2008, in celebration of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus' Black History Month.  I was told by my staff and many colleagues who witnessed the performance, as well as those that were working in their offices (that heard the glorious music,) that I had missed a grand performance and a most true and spiritual experience.  By one personal account, it was described during the performance of the old spiritual, "Father I stretch My hand to Thee," it was as though the Heavenly Host Himself was about to crack the sky open for His return."

You presented to Elected Officials, area churches of many denominations, and the general community a very spiritual experience as well as a historical view of the life and times of Harriet Tubman, a pioneer, a great leader and one who dared to live as a free American.

I recommend that everyone who has the opportunity to see this performance do so.


Robin Wright Jones

201 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65101-6806 Room 101-E          

Telephone (573) 751-6800 Fax (573) 526-2578


Jackson County Court participants

"Wonderful!  Please send me your schedule." 

D. McCoy, Jackson County Court

"Very good and very uplifting program."


"This was very rewarding and I loved it very much."

Laura Hardyway

The play was awesome for me.  It represented my freedom and going back and freeing others. You are truly (a) blessed group." 

LaTonya Turner

"The performance was extremely wonderful.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and I will let others know." 

Jackson County Court participant

"A Triumph of the Spirit! Awesome, Awesome. 

Toney Dee 

"Excellent in all aspects."  

Jackson County Court Audience member


McCune Home for Boys   

"No one else comes to perform for us.  We thank you very much for caring enough about us to come and perform your play."

McCune student participant 

"I thought you and your niece were from New York, the first time I saw the performance.  It is truly a blessing to all who see it.  The young men at McCune are  truly thankful and very appreciative when you come to perform for them.        

André Montgomery, Principal

"It is a pleasure having you to come see us and offer such great history to us.  We enjoy every minute of  A Triumph of the Spirit, the story about Harriet" Tubman. 

Bonnie Lockyer, Librarian

"Thank you so very much for coming to see us.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  We hope to see you again soon.  The show was extraordinary."

McCune Student Participant

Faxon Montessori School - Grades 1-5

I liked everything, especially when that man dance(d). 

Von Tazia

I liked when John was dancing 


I liked when the man was dancing. 


I liked everything, especially her (Mrs. Johnson's) axprashon (expression). I loved everything and when the boy danced.

Love Mariah

I did not like the dogs chasing her.  I enjoyed the singing. 


I liked the part about when he dansing. 


I liked when he (JQ) was dancing.  I liked when you showed us some dance moves and how to do the beats (drums).  I really liked the sound(afecks) effects.

JQuon Jackson

I loved the dancing, and the singing and the sound effects and the scenery.  I liked going up on the stage. 

Alex Moore - 4th grade

I liked the dancing, the story and the sounds. 


I like the dancing and the story.  I liked the sound effects.

Chris Gillis

I liked all the storys she told about the old days of slavery.                         


I liked the show very much.  There were 3 things I liked about it most.  The first thing was the dancer. And the second thing was how the character I liked how she acted.  And the third thing was the music. I liked the music and how the lady sang it.