The Cast & Crew

Praise-N-Motion Dancers

Our mission is to constantly spread the good news of the Lord--Who redeems souls, restores faith, as  we relay  God's message through the worship of dance.  It is obvious that our dance ministry touches people, gives freedom, and ushers in the Presence of God through our music and movement.  Most of the Praise-N-Motion praise dancers are also Harriet's Angels.

Soloist Tammie May is a devoted wife, mother, a gospel recording artist, former teacher, and  now a Vice Principal in  the North Kansas City Missouri School District. Her voice   makes the "hair on the back of your neck stand up." She is truly an anointed singer. She uses her God-given creativity through dance as well, and initiated  Harriet's Angels and Praise-N-Motion  praise dancers.

Sound Tech & 
Stage Designer Alicia Bell Liggins designs the stage at each performance and operates the magnificent sound effects throughout the show. Her gift for designing the stage at each setting is mind blowing.  Through her wonderful creativity she is able to give each place we perform --a new personality.   Her creativity is also used in the community to help our young people. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She is a most wonderful asset to our organization.

Gospel recording Artist Cynthia Green brings great praise during the opening of acts 1 and  2. Her signature sound and her  rendition of our theme song-- Walk  With Me Lord  stays with you long after witnessing her performance. Cynthia is founder or Sisters of the Spirit, an organization that continually lifts  up our community by assisting, young girls, building confidence in women, (through a yearly conference), and her organigation feeds the hungry and clothes the naked.

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Soloist Sadie Cole The sweet and beautiful Sadie Cole,  is a retired teacher, an aspiring Gospel Recording Artist, and music teacher. She provides piano lessons to  children and teens who need her. Her melodic songs inspire  audiences to sing along during  each performance. She has done a CD just for children. It is wonderful.

Photographer/ Designer 
& Performer JQ Sirls is featured in the show as "Ole Fine John Tubman." Audiences are absolutely awed by JQ's gravity defying moves. He is an artist, dancer, poet, and clothing  designer,  a writer, and is a recent graduate of Rockhurst College in KCMO.  He is presently engaged to a beautiful young lady who is a recent graduate from Nursing School.  She is also one of our leading dancers. The book of I.F. (Imaginary Friends) may be purchased through JQ's website.

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Anthony Mondaine makes his home in Independence, Missouri.  Anthony is blessed with a wonderful voice similiar to that of the late, great, Michael Jackson.  Anthony is a motivational speaker and travels all over to preach the gospel.  He is an assistant teacher at the present time but works wonderfully well in his spare time learning about building the Kingdom.  He also works diligently on his music and singing.  He has been a part of A Triumph of the Spirit almost since its inception. Anthony, 21 years old,  volunteered to be "Billy" in the play and has added quite a nice touch to the cast.  He is truly a rising star!

Soloist and Crew Member 
Denise Ray is an incredible Program Consultant. She assists with various activities and tasks. She doesn't miss a beat. She sees what needs to be done -and she does it. Her contributions as a crew member have greatly enhanced our production. Her melodious voice as a cast member soothes us all.

Zenobia Smith is Kansas City's Songbird.  She delights even the angels in heaven with her melodious voice.  She plays the keyboard, organ, and piano.  She is also a Music Teacher and voice trainer. She has sung "all over the world."   We are so blessed with her delightful and wonderful spirit. She is also blessed to be a great "Worship Leader" at many conferences.  We are just overwhelmed to have her as one of our cast.

Mr. William Gill, affectionately known as "Gill", joined our group in an unorthodox way. He was heard at the gym singing from time to time.  Mrs. Johnson invited him to the musical.  In the middle of Harriet's dialogue Harriet asked the gentleman in the back(Gill) to sing "I know I am a child of God."  He sang.  The rest is history.  He is married to "Miss Gill" (Jeanette) as he affectionately calls her.  We are so blessed to have this anointed man singing and praising God as he belts out the old time spirituals. 


Mr. Bryan Austin joined our group when he was introduced to me (Shirley) through one of our crew members Lynn Matthews. He and his wife Sharon live in Kansas City, Missouri. He is a Minister-singer-songwriter, born and reared in St. Louis, MO, where he first started to develop as a singer. Bryan has truly added depth to our Triumph of the Spirit Musical. He begins our show with The Lord’s Prayer and it just sets the tone for everything else that happens. He harmonizes with the other singers using his 3 1/2 octave range masterfully, and has added a flavor that we have truly been blessed to get. On Bryan’s latest CD, he shares his realization and encourages his listeners to realize how Blessed they are.    

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Videographer Paul Smith graciously provides the show with audio/visual work. He's always there to ensure that we don't miss one of those spontaneous moments. Paul is  Shirley's brother and  program consultant.

Publicist & Web Designer Shanna Sansom is also the CEO of a public relations firm called Meaningful Communications. The agency specializes in promoting non-profit  organizations and emerging ministries. Shanna is committed to creating campaigns that speak truth and edify the world with hope. Mrs. Sansom designed the website for A Triumph of the Spirit and designs  other websites as well. She created the Power Point History Lesson that flows so smoothly during the performance of our show. She and her wonderful husband live in Detroit, Michigan.  They are expecting their first child in January 2011.