The Story: A Brief Program Description

Oglesby Communications & Consulting Agency presents: A Triumph of the Spirit, a two act play based on the life of Harriet Tubman featuring Shirley Johnson. A Triumph of the Spirit is a masterpiece, soulfully displaying the life of Harriet Tubman.

Breathtakingly authentic, heartbreakingly sincere, and full of wittiness--this is theater that enlightens, inspires, and empowers all at once. Spectators share the life, trials, and tribulations of Harriet Tubman as Shirley Johnson seemingly brings the character to life.

Using a bit of humor and powerful heartfelt drama, this rendition of a mature, yet witty and vibrant Harriet Tubman, narrates stories from her childhood, adolescence, and young womanhood. This semi-musical aptly illustrates the trials and tribulations that enhanced Harriet’s faith and solidified her life’s purpose.

Founder of Oglesby Communications & Consulting,  award winning playwright, Shirley Johnson, wrote A Triumph of the Spirit in 2003, as a one woman show. Today, the production has a cast and crew of 15 or more. This play includes soulful singing by  Gospel Artists/Soloists; Tammie May, Cynthia Green, Sadie Cole, and "KC Songbird" Zenobia Smith. Our three, new, male vocalists, Mr. William Gill, a down-home, angelic, gospel artist, Mr. Austin Bryant, a world known singer and performer, and Mr. Anthony Mondaine, (who performs as   "Billy," Harriet's childhood friend)  sing  beautifully, rounding out this most wonderful musical. The show also includes a dramatic interpretive dance by choreographer, writer, recording artist- JQ Sirls.  Electrifying sound effects by Alicia Bell and a pictorial slide show by Shanna Sansom adds dynamics to this magnificent play. Last but not least, Harriet's Angels who dance so beautifully have succeeded in taking A Triumph of the Spirit to another spiritual level. This wonderful combination of artists flawlessly carry  audience participants breathtakingly  from scene to scene.

Audiences enjoy watching Johnson re-enact Tubman’s prayerful moments as she courageously makes her first, long, arduous, journey to freedom. This intelligent, vibrant, crafty, God-fearing, fresh-approach depiction of Harriet Tubman is long overdue and is elegantly crafted by this cast and crew.